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We are a new organisation who’s remit is fivefold. We want to make a change; 

  • To help young people make use of their existing skills and develop new one's, in order for them to be in a better position to face the job market.

  • To help youth ex offenders face the world of work, with the best possible chance for employment.

  • To help young people in an early intervention capacity to steer them into good career choices and prospects.

  • To mentor young people from the local and BAME community and signpost them in the aspirations of their choice.

  • We will also offer an introduction to trading and the financial markets, we believe this is a great skill to have and if mastered, delegates can sustain themselves and the Skills Exchange Project (S.E.P.) has routes to find employment.



We are working in partnership with Action Youth Boxing Intervention (AYBI), an organisation that uses boxing to steer young people in the right direction and the Living Centre, a Camden based group, who help young people in finding employment. The AYBI and the Living centre conducted a survey with the young people they work with. It looked at what services they felt they would like to see offered and what they could benefit from. The response was overwhelmingly in favour of there being workshops in employability and many expressed an interest in learning about financial markets and personal finance




Camden is an inner city London borough, with some areas being some

of the most deprived in the capital. The ethnic make up of Camden falls

heavily under BAME, with 42% of young people coming from an ethnic

minority background. There has also been an increase in young people

from the borough entering the criminal justice system for the first time.

In addition to this, unemployment stands at 15% amongst 16 -29 year olds

in the area, this is substantially higher then the national average and then

when you add in the fact that young people with money concerns are

twice as likely to report mental health issues, the story becomes even

more bleak. Its clear from the evidence that  S.E.P. is a much needed service.

We at the Skills Exchange Project intend to change these statistics!



At Skills Exchange Project (S.E.P.) we have experienced

facilitators in Post 16 education with CELTA, PGCE

and AET qualifications. We also have vast experience in

FE colleges and Adult centre’s in and around London.

We also have an ex city worker with an IAG certificate and

ACSI accreditations from the Chartered Institute of

Securities and Investments  to guide our

beneficiaries through the much demanded

Introduction to Trading. These workshops will be held

several times a week. If demand increases then we

will increase the frequency of the workshops.

Check out our Service here.


To give mentorship and direction, provide workshops and surgeries to young offenders, at risk youth and

young people from both the BAME and wider community.

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In Camden, unemployment stands at 15% amongst 16-29 year olds, considerably higher than
the national

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