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Skills Exchange

Upskilling young people!

Empowering young lives!


We are a non profit organisation who seek to guide and mentor at risk youngsters, by using the skills they already have to build on these strengths, developing the skills, networks and resilience required to thrive independently.

At Skills Exchange Project we use an asset-based approach. An asset-based approach will seek to identify and celebrate young peoples’ assets.

This type of technique does not ignore the problems that young people face, instead it seeks to equip and empower young people. We highlight the unique attributes of young people, building on these positive aspects and enabling them to become more independent and giving them the resilience to face life's challenges.  

Our mission is to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives.

We aim to channel these young people into progressive and law abiding ventures and guide them into fulfilling areas in business, that they may not have known existed or had access to. Our services also include mentorship, personal finance and life skills.

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